Introduction to timelss thoughts

  • Author: Hoshang J. Khambatta
  • ISBN:
    978-3-89199-018-6 (SC)
    978-3-89199-084-1 (HC)
  • Status: on stock
  • Year of publication: 2016 1st ed. Hardcover (HC)
    2017 2nd ed. Softcover (SC)
  • Language: English
  • Product: printed book
  • Price:
    14.95 USD (SC)
    24.00 USD (HC)

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Plato is one of the pillars of humanity. His dialogues are an important part of our cultural heritage. Yet to read all of Plato‘s Dialogues, not only requires ample time, but also a dedication that is beyond most of us. Very few will find the time and commitment to read 1500 pages of Plato’s Dialogues.

This summary of Plato’s Dialogues offers everyone access to the jewels of Western Philosophy still relevant today. Written in modern colloquial English it serves as an introduction to Plato’s work for everybody. As of now it is the only summary of all of Plato’s Dialogues available in English in one volume. Readers seeking an accessible introduction to Plato need look no further.