Josef Phillip

Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Munich University (TUM)

Josef Phillip is professor of medicine. He is specialist in internal medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology and diabetology. He was a member of the outstanding teams led by Prof. Ludwig Demling and Prof. Meinhard Classen, which developed and introduced ERCP in the 1970´s. With a focus on gastroenterology, he is a world-renowned endoscopist, expert author, university lecturer and longstanding director of the Gastroenterology Department at Klinikum Freising. He is former president of the Bavarian society of Gastroenterology and was representative of the German Section of Gastroenterology in the EUMS (European Union of Medical Specialists). Since the end of his active career, he has been involved in Nepal, where he has promoted the expansion of the formerly very small and ineffective endoscopy unit of Dhulikhel Hospital, an academic teaching hospital of the private University of Kathmandu. Today, Dhulikhel Hospital is the national referral center for endoscopy and the project is now part of the Gastroenterology Foundation e.V.