Normedia CD Gastro

Endoskopische Diagnose in der Gastroenterologie
  • Authors: Z. Maratka, J.R. Armengol-Miro
  • Languages‏: ‎ Multi-Lingual (English/German/French/Spanish/Italian)
  • Medium: Digital / DVD / Software
  • Content: 1.800 images, 100 video clips
  • ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-3-89199-097-1
  • Version 5.2


– ca. 1.800 downloadable endoscopic and histologic images
– 100 Videos of endoscopic procedures
– Interactive software functions.


Normedia® CD Gastro Version 3.0, Endoscopic Diagnosis in Gastroenterology, shines with new endoscopic techniques and user-friendly software
Normedia® CD Gastro Version 3.0, a multimedia database of gastroenterological endoscopy, presents itself with a completely new and technically easy-to-use software. After inserting the CD-ROM, it can be put into operation immediately – there is no need to spend unpleasant amounts of time installing programs or the like. A clear and well-structured menu navigation allows targeted access to desired or searched details. In addition, there is a search function for text and images, whereby the subsequent return to the initial page is problem-free.
Whether endoscopist, other medical professional, student or assistant – on this CD-ROM everyone can easily find the information of interest to them. In addition, each user has the option of downloading images from the CD and inserting their own annotations, images, tables and links to their own files or websites.

Version 3.0 of Normedia® CD Gastro, which has been revised both technically and in terms of content, contains a multimedia database with over 1,000 images of gastroenterological endoscopy. It is based on the OMED “Terminolgy, Definitions and Diagnostic Criteria in Digestive Endoscopy”, which is published worldwide in 13 languages. Responsible for the content is an international team of experts led by the editors Z. Maratka M. D. of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and J. R. Armengol-Miró of the University of Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to a detailed introductory chapter on nomenclature under the motto “Correct terminology is the key to being able to communicate internationally on the same standard,” there are comprehensive sections on the following topics:

Gastroenterological endoscopic examination procedures including explanatory links to physiology, anatomy and pathology.
Selected videos of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures practiced today
Histological images of all organs of the gastrointestinal tract and their diseases
Endosonographic normal findings of the gastrointestinal tract with explanations.

The clear structure of the Normedia® CD Gastro Version 3.0 is quickly apparent to the user and enables important information to be found without lengthy searching. The comprehensive contents make the CD-ROM interesting not only for specialists with additional qualifications and trained assistants. It is also a valuable aid in the preparation of lectures. And last but not least, medical students who, thanks to new study structures, are no longer expected to learn the subjects of anatomy, physiology, pathology and pathophysiology in isolation, but in context, can also find differentiated and easily understandable material here. The practicing gastroenterologist has the opportunity to supplement the CD-ROM with his own information and image material, thus creating his own personal comprehensive database.

The entire database is multi-lingual in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, which can be changed during work by mouse click.